Mounting Frames & Bezels

For electronic display systems used in demanding environments such as military, industrial, and medical, it is often necessary to protect the display from electromagnetic noise, chemicals, shock and vibration, and temperature extremes, using optical filters. Frames and bezels are used to mechanically fixture or integrate optical filters into display assemblies and instrument panels. Optical filters can be bonded, ultrasonically welded, or clamped into the bezel or mounting frame.

Dontech can design and manufacture machined bezels and frames to meet specific customer applications. Additionally, Dontech commonly purchases or has customers drop ship stamped or machined frames and injection molded bezels, for optical filter integration. Frames and bezels are generally constructed of thermoplastic or metal (e.g., aluminum). They can be painted and, in the case of the aluminum, treated to minimize galvanic action or corrosion (e.g., anodized, chemical conversion coating).

Component assembly can be conducted in Dontech’s class 1,000 through 100,000 clean rooms or class 1,000 through 10,000 laminar flow hoods. Assembly can include gaskets and adhesives to mount the optical filter to the end assembly. Conductive gaskets, adhesives, and busses can be used to provide additional EMI/RFI shielding and terminations.

For additional information on mounting frames and bezels, please contact a Dontech applications engineer, please contact a Dontech applications engineer, or request that a hard copy of the Windows Design Guide be sent to you.