Low Diffuse Reflection (LDR) Mesh

For higher shielding applications, Dontech manufactures shielding solutions with optical fine wire meshes (i.e., stainless steel). The mesh is typically a plain weave with either square or rectangular apertures. The weaving looms for Dontech mesh have been specially tooled to allow for very high uniformity, which is important for both moiré control and aesthetic purposes. The wire mesh is electroplated, fusing the wire crossovers, to improve the uniformity and conductivity of the mesh while minimizing surface reflections. The outer plating layer is conductive and corrosion resistant, which greatly improves the galvanic stability of the material. Standard Dontech mesh is available from 50 through 255 openings per inch, allowing for a broad range of both shielding and optical solutions.

Dontech manufactures LDR mesh for EMI/RFI shielding applications where optimum optical performance is required. LDR mesh is an enhanced version of our standard product where the diffuse reflections are lowered to less than half of the standard level. This is especially important in high ambient light requirements where the diffuse reflection off fine wire meshes will greatly reduce an enhanced display’s contrast. Dontech’s LDR mesh provides superior EMI/RFI shielding and optical properties.

For additional information on optical fine wire meshes and typical shielding effectiveness levels, please contact a Dontech applications engineer, or request that a hard copy of the Windows Design Guide be sent to you.