Heat Reflectors

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Heat reflectors are thin film coated optics that transmit high levels of the visible spectrum (or pass band) while reflecting a dominant portion of the near infrared (NIR) and IR spectrums. By design, the photopic reflections are very low in order to maintain contrast in display applications. The reflection of the infrared radiation greatly reduces the rate at which heat will transmit through the optics into an electronic system.

Dontech HeatShield™ brand heat reflectors minimize solar loading on displays and enclosures. HeatShield™ filters prolong the operation of LCDs in direct sunlight and can reduce power consumption used for ancillary cooling. Excessive thermal loading on an LCD will render the display unreadable until it cools. For example, an LCD will typically “brown out” if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as the rate with which the heat is absorbed by the display often exceeds its ability to radiate this energy.

HeatShield™ filters are used to significantly prolong the function of LCDs in direct sunlight, and to reduce the thermal loading of high intensity backlights on the display. When used in conjunction with ancillary cooling, often passive LCDs will function properly in many demanding environments. Applications for Dontech heat shield filters include outdoor point of sale displays, military applications, portable electronics, mobile computers, and boating displays.

For additional information on heat reflective optical coatings, please contact a Dontech applications engineer, or request a hard copy of the data sheet be sent to you.