AMF™ Series Antimicrobial Films

Dontech antimicrobial coatings are designed for touch screens, membrane switches, and optical overlays used in electronic display applications. To minimize microbial growth, Dontech’s AMF Series films contain slow release silver ions that inhibit the growth of many common bacteria, molds and fungi. The high optical transparency and durability of the AMF films make them ideal for protecting electronic displays and overlays used in medical, food processing, ATM and kiosk applications.

The silver-based antimicrobial coating is non-hazardous, and mechanically, chemically and thermally stable. Dontech’s AMF Series films provide the following performance enhancements:

  • Interrupt cellular metabolism
  • Prevent cellular reproduction
  • Protect against a variety of bacteria and mold
  • FDA/EPA registered hard coating technology
  • Effective against surface propagation due to contact
  • Controlled release mechanism utilizing active silver zeolite carrier
  • Good optical transmission and mechanical durability
Testing Results1:
Moderate abrasion test (cheesecloth per MIL-C-675C, 4.5.11): Pass
Adhesion (cellophane tape, MIL-C-675C, 4.5.10): Pass
Adhesion (crosshatch, ASTM D3359): Pass
Gloss (BYK Gardner Micro-TRI-gloss meter per ASTM D2457-03): 95 @ 60deg
Total Luminous Transmittance (BYK Gardner Haze-Gard Plus per ASTM D1003): 92%
Pencil hardness (ASTM D3363, JPIA pencils): ≥2H
Chemical resistance, 1-hr open test, ASTM-D-1308 with the following solvents: ethanol, isopropanol, acetone

1. Properties are reported as tested and do not represent specification values.

Product Configurations

Material Available Thickness Substrate Format
AMF 0.005″ (127 micron) with adhesive PET sheets, rolls, optical filter, touch screens