AMF™ Series Antimicrobial Films

Dontech’s antimicrobial coatings minimize the growth and impact of bacteria and are specifically designed for touch screens, membrane switches, and optical overlays used in medical and high-touch, public environments.  AMF™ Series films contain embedded silver nanoparticles that inhibit microbial growth (99% reduction per ISO 22196 test methods).  The high optical transparency and durability of the AMF films make them ideal for protecting electronic displays and overlays used in medical, food processing, ATM, POS and kiosk applications. 

The silver-based antimicrobial coating is incorporated into an antiglare surface hard coating and is mechanically, chemically and thermally stable.  The antimicrobial coating can be incorporated into Dontech products including optical EMI/RFI and contrast enhancement filters, touch screens, and display assemblies.  In addition, the coating can be offered in sheet or roll form, with or without protective masking and/or pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Dontech’s AMF Series films are non-hazardous and cleanable, and they provide the following performance enhancements:

• Interrupt bacterial enzymes
• Inhibit growth of common, harmful bacteria such as E. coli
• Antiglare, hard coated surface
• Good optical transmission and mechanical durability
• Sold in rolls, sheets, cut-to-size
• Can be applied to touch screens, displays, windows

Testing Results:

Moderate abrasion test (cheesecloth per MIL-C-675C, 4.5.11) Pass
Adhesion (cellophane tape, MIL-C-675C, 4.5.10) Pass
Adhesion (crosshatch, ASTM D3359) Pass 5B
Gloss (BYK Gardner Micro-TRI-gloss meter per ASTM D2457-03) 50 @ 60deg
Total Luminous Transmittance (BYK Gardner Haze-Gard Plus per ASTM D1003) 91%

Chemical Resistance:

Chemical Resistance 1 Hour Surface Contact at 23ºC 4 Hours Surface Contact at 23ºC
Acetone Pass Pass
Concentrated HCl Pass Fail
MEK Pass Pass
Toluene Pass Pass
Methylene Chloride Pass Pass
Isopropyl Alcohol Pass Pass
Cyclohexanone Pass Pass
Ethyl Acetate Pass Pass
Xylene Pass Pass
Brake Fluid Pass Pass
Butyl Cellosolve Pass Pass
Hexane Pass Pass

Per manufacturer specifications and testing, a 99% rate of inhibiting bacterial growth, specifically Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterococcus faecalis, Salmonella enterica and Listeria monocytogenes.

Material Available Thickness Substrate Format
AMF 0.005″ (127 micron) with adhesive PET sheets, rolls, optical filter, touch screens; max. roll width 60”