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/ Custom Cockpit Display Solution for a Next Gen Military Fighter

Custom Cockpit Display Solution for a Next Gen Military Fighter

Dontech designed and produced optical display components to upgrade the LCD to achieve sunlight readability, EMC compliance and low temperature operation for the primary flight display in a major military aircraft platform. Chemically strengthened glass was selected as the optical substrate for its robustness, high optical properties and compatibility for high performance thin film coatings including a broad band antireflective (AR) coating with very low specular and diffuse properties to control first surface reflections to air.
Conductive Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings were applied to the second surfaces, and were index matched to the optical bonding adhesive to control reflections at these interfaces. The filters also utilized robust and conductive silver fritted bus bars for the termination of the EMI filter and for the uniform application of power to the transparent heater.
Wire leads were soldered to the heater and they were terminated with the appropriate connector for ease of installation of the display assembly. A durable black border was also applied to the EMI filter to mask the non-active perimeter of the LCD. The EMI filter was optically bonded to the front of the LCD and the transparent heater was bonded to its rear surface to help improve the displays contrast and to enhance its shock and vibration resistance.