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/ Military Display for a Mission Command Network

Military Display for a Mission Command Network

Dontech designed and produced custom optical display components to upgrade the LCD to achieve high-level performance for a Mission Command Network display on an armored combat vehicle. The assembly was comprised of an antireflective and antiglare coated 5 wire resistive glass touchscreen bonded to chemically strengthened soda lime float glass coated with a transparent conductive coating (< 4 ohms/sq.) for EMI/RFI shielding. Ceramic busbars for conductive ground plane termination and a printed epoxy border are features of the EMI/RFI filter. A transparent heater coating was applied to borosilicate glass and bonded to the LCD. The LCD backlight rails were filtered to remove infrared wavelengths, making the system NVIS compliant. The components were assembled with a mounting frame for installation into the next higher assembly. The overall assembly included mounting the display and filters into a bezel and incorporating components procured and installed by Dontech including Wi-Fi antenna, EMI and environmental gaskets and sealants, light sensors, speakers, vibration gaskets, and display wire assembly. Dontech’s testing and characterization capabilities supported qualification requirements including ball drop testing, high ambient light contrast performance including specular and diffuse reflectance measurements, chemical strengthening verification, thermal cycle and shock, and humidity exposure.