Medical Markets

Electronic displays such as LCDs and CRTs are widely used in the healthcare industry for diverse applications including:

  • Clinical Patient Monitoring
  • Imaging Diagnostics – MRI, PET,
    X-Rays, Mammography
  • Surgical Support
  • Emergency Medical Care

Image quality is critical to both the clinical and diagnostic integrity of patient care, and must meet a wide range of optical, electrical and mechanical performance standards.

Dontech, Inc. designs and manufactures a variety of optical coatings, substrates and display solutions that can be used to improve ergonomic and regulatory performance of displays and touch screen monitors used in medical applications. Dontech products are integrated into display systems to enhance contrast, reduce reflections, suppress radio frequencies (e.g., EMI/RFI shielding), provide impact and chemical protection, and increase the thermal operating range of displays.

Coatings/Substrates for enhancement of medical display performance

Coating/substrate Application Regulatory Criteria
Antiglare (AG), anti-reflective (AR), AG/AR coatings Reflection reduction AAPM – varies with ambient lighting. System reflection should not degrade contrast by > 20%
AG, AR, AG/AR coatings, polarizers Contrast enhancement AAPM for primary displays, 250:1;
100:1 for secondary displays
Transparent conductive coatings (ITO, TCO), or FCG EMI/RFI shielding, electromagnetic compatibility IEC-60601, CISPR11, BSEN-55011; System dependant
Polycarbonate or chemically strengthened glass Impact resistance UL60950, UL60601; ability of display to withstand 0.5 kg, 50mm ball dropped from 1.3 m
Scratch, abrasion, chemical resistant coatings Improve durability of medical display MHRA decontamination requirements; system dependant
IR blocking coatings Reduction of thermal loading on display System dependent
Antimicrobial coatings Reduction of bacteria and infectious agents MHRA guidelines

Reference: Medical Physics,
Vol. 32, No. 4, April 2005)

The modification of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) displays to achieve compliance frequently includes the addition of coatings to address the following display performance issues: 1) reduction of specular and diffuse reflection to improve high ambient light readability; 2) reduction of EMI/RFI emissions and susceptibility to achieve electromagnetic compatibility; 3) impact resistance to meet UL requirements; 4) resistance to chemicals, scratches and abrasion; 5) resistance to bacteria and fungus (antimicrobial); 6) resistance to thermal loading (IR blocking coatings); 7) viewing angle modification to increase or restrict viewing angle.

Dontech – Enhancing Optical and Environmental Performance of Medical Displays

Dontech Enhanced Display Solutions (EDS) specialize in the application of optical films, coatings and components to improve the performance of electronic displays in demanding environments such as military, aerospace, medical and outdoor environments.

Dontech integrates optical products into LCDs and bezels for its customers. COTS displays and touch screens can be customized to improve the optical performance, operating thermal range, EMI/RFI emissions/susceptibility, and mechanical durability. Dontech enhanced display solutions allow the display to function properly in demanding situations, such as direct sunlight, low or high temperatures, or in harsh environment applications.

Optical Filters for Medical Display Enhancement

Dontech engineers and manufactures a broad range of custom display filters for:

Wide Spectrum of Display Enhancement Products

Services include:

  • IMO-bond™ optical bonding of conductive and AR cover glass, heaters and films
  • Active LCD enhancements, such as supplemental CCFL or LED lighting
  • NVIS compatibility, sunlight readability, passive thermal management