Handling & Care of Optical Filters and Components

It is important to closely follow the recommended handling, storage, and cleaning instructions with all optically related products in order to ensure their proper performance. Dontech provides a range of product service bulletins to assist our customers in the handling, cleaning, and inspection of optical products.

The quality of optical filters can be compromised by improper storage, cleaning, and handling. Many types to contaminants such as residual oils, acids, or solvents, can permanently damage coatings and substrates. Dontech cleans and packages its products to minimize the possibility of damage during shipment and the need for ancillary cleaning. Custom packaging is available to address needs ranging from clean room to static sensitive requirements.

Dontech provides “hands on” training to instruct customers on the proper methods for cleaning and handling filters, as well as the following relevant literature:

1) Product Service Bulletins – Instructions for the Handing, Cleaning and Storage of Optical Filters. There are specific instructions for different product families.

2) Customer Tutorial – Inspecting, Cleaning and Handling of Optical Filters. Note: Training can be conducted at customer’s facility.

For additional information on handling and care of optical filters and components, please contact a Dontech applications engineer, or download the pdf document “Handling, Cleaning and Inspection of Dontech Optical Filters.”