Experience The VARGard™ Difference

Dontech Inc. announces new antireflective films to improve contrast ratio and readability of electronic displays. Dontech’s new VARGard™ Series of optical enhancement films provide specular antireflective properties to reduce front surface glare and improve light transmission from LCD’s, VF, EL, CRT’s and other types of displays.

The VARGard™ antireflective films are available with several different surface finishes ranging from a very matte 30 gloss to a clear 92 gloss finish. VARGard™ films are manufactured in 18” x 24” sheets or pre-cut to your specific size. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) with a release liner enables easy installation on your display.

By applying EZKlean™, a low surface energy outer layer, VARGard™ will improve the overall mechanical durability of your display by resisting inks, stains, fingerprints, and most oils. Dontech can also “VARGard™” your display in our Class-1000 clean rooms.

Dontech Inc. is an ISO-9001:2015 designer and manufacturer of optical filters for contrast enhancement and EMI/RFI shielding on electronic displays and enclosures. For additional information on VARGard™, contact sales at (215) 348-5010, email us at VARGard@dontech.com, or download our datasheet here.