Dontech Optical Coating Solutions

  • VARGard™ antireflective, antiglare and antireflective/antiglare films can be laminated to the front of a display. By reducing first-surface reflection by more than 85%, display contrast and brightness are improved without increased power consumption. “VARGardingSM” a display will increase sunlight readability, as well as improve the durability (e.g., chemical and scratch resistance).VARGard™ films are available in PET and TAC. They can be combined with conductive coatings or conductive grids for EMI/RFI shielding, and with polarizers to minimize internal display reflections.
  • IMO-bond™ is Dontech’s proprietary process of applying rigid optical filters (e.g., antireflective, conductive antireflective, or Therma Klear™ transparent heaters) to electronic displays via a refractive index matched optical (IMO) bonding process. IMO-bond™ includes a family of durable, index matched adhesives that optically couple a cover glass or touch screen to the display to eliminate reflection losses.
  • Passive LCD Enhancements include the addition of optical compensation film such as reflective and prismatic films and high-efficiency polarizers to LCDs to optimize light transmission and improve display “transflectiveness” in high ambient light conditions. Contrast enhancement filters (including polarized, bandpass, antireflective or antiglare) can be fully optically or perimeter bonded to displays to reduce reflections and increase contrast without additional energy consumption.Dontech’s passive thermal management includes the addition of Heat Shield™ IR blocking filters and films.
  • Active Enhancements include the addition of high-bright CCFLs and supplemental LEDs to improve display luminance.