DONTECH Heat Shield™ Transparent IR blocking filters

  • Reduces thermal loading of LCDs used in direct sunlight applications
  • Reduces heat transfer from plasma displays and backlight assemblies
  • Can reduce or prevent heat induced LCD “brown out” or crystalline state change
  • Provides up to >80% IR blocking efficiency compared to non-treated optics
  • Provides effective EMI/RFI shielding when constructed with conductive buss

Heat Shield™ IR Blocking filters are designed to reduce the thermal loading on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) or optical enclosures used in direct sunlight (e.g., marine, military, kiosk, outdoor signage applications).

By significantly reducing the transmittance of near-infrared and infrared radiation, Heat Shield™ filters reduce thermal loading of optical apertures when exposed to direct sunlight and minimizes display “brown out” or inversion with LCDs.

Product Specifications:

Substrates: glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, PET films.
Standard sizes available up to 2 ft. x 6 ft.

Optical Properties: Filters will appear neutral gray in color and depending on performance requirements, will have 50% to 80% photopic transmission. Additional protective, scratch and abrasion resistant hard coatings are added to plastic filters. Antiglare and antireflective coatings can be added to increase transmission and reduce specular reflection.

Heat Shield™ Performance: To verify the performance of Dontech’s Heat Shield™ a comparative test configuration was designed and set up to measure the rate at which the temperature increased when the optical aperture was exposed to a high intensity, uniform radiant, broadband (i.e., visual though IR) source. Dontech Heat Shield™ products were shown to lower heat transfer rate by 50% to 80% depending on part number utilized as compared to untreated optical substrates.