Colored Filters

Applications for colored optical filters include contrast enhancement for monchrome displays (i.e., VF, EL, LED’s) via a color selective bandpass aligned with the peak output of the display. Long pass filters are used to improve contrast and performance of optical scanners and red, yellow and amber LED’s. Neutral density and triple notch filters and polarizers improve contrast LCDs by attenuating internal reflections and producing a greater delta between the display’s output and background.

Contrast Enhancement:
Neutral Density Optical Filters (Grays & Bronzes)
Long Pass Optical Filters (Yellows, Ambers, Reds)
Band Pass Optical Filters (Blues & Greens)
Custom Colored Optical Filters (Triple Notch Filters)
Polarizers (Linear & Circular)

Band Rejection:
Visual Rejection Near IR Pass Filters
IR Rejection Heat Reflectors
Night Vision Compatibility Filters

Dontech colored filters are made with optical substrates including acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass. The coloring is produced by bulk loading the substrates with absorptive materials materials or by depositing a thin film coating that passes or rejects specific wavelengths of the visible, infrared or near infrared spectrum.

Dontech manufactures custom colored filters utilizing many standard and custom colors and substrates.