Bonding Components

Optical bonding improves sunlight readability and enhances mechanical and thermal performance of displays. Dontech is a leading designer and manufacturer of optical bonding components including:

  • Cover glass – AR, AG, AR/AG coatings on a variety of glass types – soda lime (chemically and heat strengthened), borosilicate, and filter glass
  • Conductive cover glass – ITO coatings for EMI/RFI shielding, index-matched ITO for optical bonding. Optical conductive grids with 50-250 opi.
  • Contrast enhancement filters – bandpass filters with antiglare and/or antireflective treatments
  • Therma Klear™ transparent heaters for low-temperature operation
  • Heat Shield™ – IR-blocking filters to reduce thermal loading
  • Nightvision compatibility via NIR rejection and absorptive filters

For LCD cover glass, a polished (92 gloss) or antiglare (60 gloss per ATM-D-523 modified) surface with a VAR-0.5 or VAR-0.25 (< 0.25% average photopic reflection) broadband antireflective coating is most commonly used for non-EMI/RFI applications. For shielding applications, a 1 to 10 ohm/sq Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coating is most common. Since ITO has a high refractive index (1.95), Dontech recommends a thin film dielectric stack to “index match” the ITO to the refractive index of the bonding adhesive.

Custom configurations of optical filters that incorporate multiple technologies such as heating and heat reflecting with EMI shielding are amenable to Dontech’s optical bonding process. For night vision imaging system (NVIS) compatibility, Dontech applies thin film coatings to glass substrates and then bonds the precision-cut glass to the rear surface of the LCDs or to the LCD light guides.